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MSSQLSERVER Service Failed To Start, TDSSNIClient initialization failed with error 0x34, SQL Server could not spawn FRunCM thread

A recent client had this error on their MS SQL Server out of the blue. After much investigation and trial/error to correct. The following solution saved the day: Login as “Administrator”. Go to “Start > Programs > Microsoft SQL Server … Continue reading

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Using Red-Gate’s SQL Search

If you work with SQL Server databases and have not yet tried Red-Gate’s SQL Search, you are making your life unnecessarily harder. SQL Search is a FREE tool (as of the time of this post) provided by Red-Gate and the … Continue reading

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FK Constraint error but primary table data exists

Takeaway: Solution is “ORDER BY 1” This is a very deceptive error and spent a few hours working it out. Hopefully this will save some of you some pain. While maintaining and improving performance on some stored procedures, I came … Continue reading

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Service Broker Message Types

Again, no original thoughts on my end here, but this short and sweet article gives a nice high level overview from “SQL Server with Mr. Denny” Back to Basics Service Broker Message Types Robert Wallace No Slogans, Just Results

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Implementing a custom enumerator for SQL Server TVP

Helpful article by Lenni Lobel.

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How to Size Fill Factor on an Index

Great start and process for determining fill factor by anuchaw.

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How to Avoid Some Common Developer and DBA Mistakes

Great article by Brad M. McGehee, Director of DBA Education, Red Gate Software Read more:

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