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Since 2002, RWallace Consulting, LLC has been developing software across a myriad of industries. Right now, we specialize in Microsoft .NET technologies.

MSSQLSERVER Service Failed To Start, TDSSNIClient initialization failed with error 0x34, SQL Server could not spawn FRunCM thread

A recent client had this error on their MS SQL Server out of the blue. After much investigation and trial/error to correct. The following solution saved the day: Login as “Administrator”. Go to “Start > Programs > Microsoft SQL Server … Continue reading

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Using time wisely

I just finished reading the blog Very succinct and straightforward, and I am guilty of not commanding my free time. It is very easy to say “I deserve a break” or “I have been working hard” and enjoy some … Continue reading

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Using Red-Gate’s SQL Search

If you work with SQL Server databases and have not yet tried Red-Gate’s SQL Search, you are making your life unnecessarily harder. SQL Search is a FREE tool (as of the time of this post) provided by Red-Gate and the … Continue reading

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Becoming an outlier

Just finished watching Pluralsight’s training video Becoming an Outlier: Reprogramming the Developer Mind by Cory House. Cory breaks down the strategy on becoming an outlier. While his talk is geared toward software development, it can easily be applied to any … Continue reading

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Love Petals 1.0 Released

Dateline: Jan 28, 2011 Just in time for St. Valentine’s Day, RWallace Consulting released its initial version of Love Petals for Windows Phone 7. The age old question of affection can now be answered on your Windows phone. Love Petals … Continue reading

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Ye Olde Rotary 1.1 Released

Dateline: Jan 14, 2011 RWallace Consulting is pleased to announce the release of Ye Olde Rotary version 1.1 to the Windows Phone Marketplace. Ye Olde Rotary now utilizes the app bar for its navigational and user input controls. This update … Continue reading

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Create pfx for ClickOnce

This snippet comes from Maxime Lamure’s blog. Yes and i copied and pasted from his blog into here because I did not want to lose this “key” information on the how-to: The full article: ===my cut/paste A Personal Information … Continue reading

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