Using time wisely

I just finished reading the blog Very succinct and straightforward, and I am guilty of not commanding my free time.

It is very easy to say “I deserve a break” or “I have been working hard” and enjoy some down time or entertainment. However, it is easy to get caught up with downtime too much. Listing out everything you do in a day or week and are responsible for can be much. It is very easily to slip into passive mode and relax a little too much. Now at times, I am highly motivated and can attain my goals and objectives, however staying at this high level for prolonged periods without a break can cause burnout or fatigue.

So the takeaway: Balance and be intentional with your time. If you are going to relax, fine, relax and enjoy it. However, keep a mental (or physical) note of much downtime you took as we all need to re-charge to stay motivated but balance that out with some outlier tasks to improve yourself in whatever area of your life you are targeting: family, spiritual, career, knowledge, etc.

No one famous, or rich, or an expert in their field or life did so by watching reruns, or the latest reality show, or whatever. They get up, learn, do, achieve, and repeat.


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