Using Red-Gate’s SQL Search

If you work with SQL Server databases and have not yet tried Red-Gate’s SQL Search, you are making your life unnecessarily harder. SQL Search is a FREE tool (as of the time of this post) provided by Red-Gate and the tool is so great, I would easily pay money for it. I have used this tool for years now and wanted to take this opportunity to extol its features.

Please note: I do not work for Red-Gate in any capacity and Red-Gate has NOT paid me to make this blog. This write up is on my own accord with no recompense.  I am writing this post to share one of the many tools I use that makes me more productive with day to day development.  I enjoy it and want to share that knowledge.

SQL Search is a tool that is contained within its own window inside SQL Management Studio. It allows users to search on phrases/keywords/fragments in a given database with very few clicks. SQL Search is started up by clicking the “SQL Search” button in SQL Management Studio. Then you enter in the word or words and select what type of objects to search on (e.g., all objects, tables only, stored procedures, etc.) Hit enter and, viola, you get the results.  You can even search on “Exact Match”

You are also able to easily switch sql connections and databases within those connections.

This tool can help you locate changes that you need to make, find inconsistencies, or double check refactorings.  It helps to determine an impact of a potential change, and also helps when you know a particular key phrase and you can access it directly.

Finally, one really cool feature is the “select object in Object Explorer”. It is a blue/hyperlink that once clicked, the object explorer will automatically expand and highlight that object. In large databases where you might have A LOT of tables or procedures, manually scanning can take a little bit of time, but entering the phrase in SQL search and doing a click or two, it becomes faster to locate and access that object for modification and review.

Do yourself a favor, download and start using it today.

Download it here:


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