Becoming an outlier

Just finished watching Pluralsight’s training video Becoming an Outlier: Reprogramming the Developer Mind by Cory House.

Cory breaks down the strategy on becoming an outlier. While his talk is geared toward software development, it can easily be applied to any industry or talent. His 3 main points are: Commanding your time, hack your image, and own your trajectory. His talk is wonderfully laid out and contains tons of great and practical information.

He has the idea that YOU are a product and need to sell yourself. Being an entrepreneur and on my own for 12+ years, this idea is something I can definitely relate to. You have to sell yourself, market yourself, and manage your career.

Something I have tried to follow over the years is to set myself apart and take control of my career and life path. I have tried to break the mold of what people have come to expect out of software developers and software development in general. Give the client more.

It is simple enough to do. Think about how you wanted to be treated if a contractor was to work on your house, or mechanic on your car, or any other service you hire. What did you like about the experience? What did you dislike? How can you put those good qualities in others to work for you and your position? Do you have bad habits? Then work hard to eliminate them.  Try to become a better version of yourself each day.

Each night when you reboot, apply some updates and make yourself better than the day before.

Be advised, this video is not for everyone, as even Cory states. It is for those who want to excel and stand out from the crowd. Those willing to take a chance or risk and for long terms gains of whatever you are striving for: money, position, knowledge, influence, etc.


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