Create pfx for ClickOnce

This snippet comes from Maxime Lamure’s blog. Yes and i copied and pasted from his blog into here because I did not want to lose this “key” information on the how-to:

The full article:

===my cut/paste

A Personal Information Exchange (pfx file) contains a public key and a private key. You can use it to hash your files (binary, assembly …) and even signed your manifest file for ClickOnce.

If you want to create your own PFX file with your personal information, you have to complete these two steps:

Create your public & private Keys (You will be prompt to define the private key’s password):
makecert.exe -sv MyKey.pvk -n “CN=.NET Ready!!!” MyKey.cer

Create your PFX file from the public and private key
pvk2pfx.exe -pvk MyKey.pvk -spc MyKey.cer -pfx MyPFX.pfx -po toto

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