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Implementing a custom enumerator for SQL Server TVP

Helpful article by Lenni Lobel. Advertisements

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How to Size Fill Factor on an Index

Great start and process for determining fill factor by anuchaw.

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How to Avoid Some Common Developer and DBA Mistakes

Great article by Brad M. McGehee, Director of DBA Education, Red Gate Software Read more:

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VSTS 2008, Assembly Versions and Deployment

Microsoft changed the deployment of  assemblies with Visual Studio 2008. When you created a set up package in VS2005 or lower, the assemblies could have “any” version you wanted. When a user executed the setup package, all previous versions of the … Continue reading

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Installing Custom Windows Service on Win Server 2008R2

To avoid odd “event log” creation errors or window service installs that seem to go nowhere on a window server 2008 R2 machine (prolly others too), always remember to “run as administrator” with a right mouse click. Spent a good part … Continue reading

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Using SQL Server Timestamp

Well, I googled using timestamp and sql server and while there was some good advice out there, I never saw an example of how to send that value back to sql and compare it.  All the examples showed how to pull … Continue reading

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