MSSQLSERVER Service Failed To Start, TDSSNIClient initialization failed with error 0x34, SQL Server could not spawn FRunCM thread

A recent client had this error on their MS SQL Server out of the blue. After much investigation and trial/error to correct. The following solution saved the day:

  1. Login as “Administrator”.
  2. Go to “Start > Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2005 > Configuration Tools > SQL Server Configuration Manager”
  3. Click “SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration > Protocols for MSSQLSERVER”
  4. Double click “TCP/IP” in the right side.
  5. Change “Listen All” to “Yes” in the popup window.
  6. Click “Ok” button
  7. Start your MSSQLSERVER service

Much thanks to the following article:

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Using time wisely

I just finished reading the blog Very succinct and straightforward, and I am guilty of not commanding my free time.

It is very easy to say “I deserve a break” or “I have been working hard” and enjoy some down time or entertainment. However, it is easy to get caught up with downtime too much. Listing out everything you do in a day or week and are responsible for can be much. It is very easily to slip into passive mode and relax a little too much. Now at times, I am highly motivated and can attain my goals and objectives, however staying at this high level for prolonged periods without a break can cause burnout or fatigue.

So the takeaway: Balance and be intentional with your time. If you are going to relax, fine, relax and enjoy it. However, keep a mental (or physical) note of much downtime you took as we all need to re-charge to stay motivated but balance that out with some outlier tasks to improve yourself in whatever area of your life you are targeting: family, spiritual, career, knowledge, etc.

No one famous, or rich, or an expert in their field or life did so by watching reruns, or the latest reality show, or whatever. They get up, learn, do, achieve, and repeat.

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Using Red-Gate’s SQL Search

If you work with SQL Server databases and have not yet tried Red-Gate’s SQL Search, you are making your life unnecessarily harder. SQL Search is a FREE tool (as of the time of this post) provided by Red-Gate and the tool is so great, I would easily pay money for it. I have used this tool for years now and wanted to take this opportunity to extol its features.

Please note: I do not work for Red-Gate in any capacity and Red-Gate has NOT paid me to make this blog. This write up is on my own accord with no recompense.  I am writing this post to share one of the many tools I use that makes me more productive with day to day development.  I enjoy it and want to share that knowledge.

SQL Search is a tool that is contained within its own window inside SQL Management Studio. It allows users to search on phrases/keywords/fragments in a given database with very few clicks. SQL Search is started up by clicking the “SQL Search” button in SQL Management Studio. Then you enter in the word or words and select what type of objects to search on (e.g., all objects, tables only, stored procedures, etc.) Hit enter and, viola, you get the results.  You can even search on “Exact Match”

You are also able to easily switch sql connections and databases within those connections.

This tool can help you locate changes that you need to make, find inconsistencies, or double check refactorings.  It helps to determine an impact of a potential change, and also helps when you know a particular key phrase and you can access it directly.

Finally, one really cool feature is the “select object in Object Explorer”. It is a blue/hyperlink that once clicked, the object explorer will automatically expand and highlight that object. In large databases where you might have A LOT of tables or procedures, manually scanning can take a little bit of time, but entering the phrase in SQL search and doing a click or two, it becomes faster to locate and access that object for modification and review.

Do yourself a favor, download and start using it today.

Download it here:

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Becoming an outlier

Just finished watching Pluralsight’s training video Becoming an Outlier: Reprogramming the Developer Mind by Cory House.

Cory breaks down the strategy on becoming an outlier. While his talk is geared toward software development, it can easily be applied to any industry or talent. His 3 main points are: Commanding your time, hack your image, and own your trajectory. His talk is wonderfully laid out and contains tons of great and practical information.

He has the idea that YOU are a product and need to sell yourself. Being an entrepreneur and on my own for 12+ years, this idea is something I can definitely relate to. You have to sell yourself, market yourself, and manage your career.

Something I have tried to follow over the years is to set myself apart and take control of my career and life path. I have tried to break the mold of what people have come to expect out of software developers and software development in general. Give the client more.

It is simple enough to do. Think about how you wanted to be treated if a contractor was to work on your house, or mechanic on your car, or any other service you hire. What did you like about the experience? What did you dislike? How can you put those good qualities in others to work for you and your position? Do you have bad habits? Then work hard to eliminate them.  Try to become a better version of yourself each day.

Each night when you reboot, apply some updates and make yourself better than the day before.

Be advised, this video is not for everyone, as even Cory states. It is for those who want to excel and stand out from the crowd. Those willing to take a chance or risk and for long terms gains of whatever you are striving for: money, position, knowledge, influence, etc.

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Love Petals 1.0 Released

Dateline: Jan 28, 2011

Just in time for St. Valentine’s Day, RWallace Consulting released its initial version of Love Petals for Windows Phone 7.

The age old question of affection can now be answered on your Windows phone. Love Petals allows users to choose from 3 different flowers where they can pick off the petals to determine if he/she loves me or loves me not. Also, enter in the name of your choice, your spouse, girlfriend, dog, or even your ex-wife’s name!

Download Love Petals Today:

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Ye Olde Rotary 1.1 Released

Dateline: Jan 14, 2011

RWallace Consulting is pleased to announce the release of Ye Olde Rotary version 1.1 to the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Ye Olde Rotary now utilizes the app bar for its navigational and user input controls. This update aligns Ye Olde Rotary with a industrial standard for usability with the Windows Phone.

You can download Ye Olde Rotary, by following this link:

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Create pfx for ClickOnce

This snippet comes from Maxime Lamure’s blog. Yes and i copied and pasted from his blog into here because I did not want to lose this “key” information on the how-to:

The full article:

===my cut/paste

A Personal Information Exchange (pfx file) contains a public key and a private key. You can use it to hash your files (binary, assembly …) and even signed your manifest file for ClickOnce.

If you want to create your own PFX file with your personal information, you have to complete these two steps:

Create your public & private Keys (You will be prompt to define the private key’s password):
makecert.exe -sv MyKey.pvk -n “CN=.NET Ready!!!” MyKey.cer

Create your PFX file from the public and private key
pvk2pfx.exe -pvk MyKey.pvk -spc MyKey.cer -pfx MyPFX.pfx -po toto

Robert Wallace
No Slogans, Just Results

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